Welcome to Gun Lake Paddlesports, located at 3710 Division, Wayland Michigan 49348
Phone 269-217-3029.
 Gunlakepaddlesports was first born from a passion for SeaKayaing and remote/rustic camping as a hobby, from my home at
Gun Lake, in South Western Michigan.
 Gun Lake Paddlesports is now a part of my parent company Sand Auto LLC., located at a small shop in Wayland Michigan.
This shop/office also serves as the Official Microlite Trailers Factory Direct Customer Center.
All USA Microlite Customer questions,emails and phone calls are forwarded here for service.
You can be sure that you will reach me when you call, not only am I the only employee, but I have cultivated a passion
for camping and travel as inexpensive as possible......another hobby out of control !!
  Since I choose to stay small and operate this business mostly by myself, before just driving over, make sure you communicate your intentions, so I can personally greet you and show you around!
I have been known to close up shop to go paddling/camping from time to time. I could also be out doing a trade show or delivering a Microlite camper, any of which could keep me out from a few hours to a few days.
trolling from a Seaward Nigel Foster legend at Quetico wilderness 2008


Cargolite & Cargolite Xtreme



 Cargolite Extreme - click on the trailers tab!

 Microlite Inc. is in its ninth year of offering unique small aluminum light weight camping trailers. Many times   using dual purpose thinking, so one might use the camper for sleeping one day, and hauling the next. Also choosing to stay small, Microlite makes each camper by hand, one at a time with the owner/builder/designer involved hands on with every trailer built. Check out the Microlite tab on this site.

Microlite Inc. has only a small group of dealers in the US, and Canada. As a result, many of our customers make a holiday out of picking up their purchases at Elkhart Indiana, where they are built. We offer factory direct pricing for customers choosing this arrangement. Make sure to visit our factory web page at microlitetrailer.com, where you can download the brochures with all of the specs.

 (our designer is always up to something!)



  The Cargolite Extreme is able to haul your quad or motorcylcle and still offers a queen bed while weighing in at around 1150 pounds! U gotta luv aluminum.

How about this.....a pop-up at about 450lbs......for 2015 the base is made from fiberglass,

 more pictures coming. Becoming a regular with our biker customers!

                 Stay tuned for more kool stuff coming out of Microlite, feel free to call anytime

                 269-217-3029. I will be happy to talk trailer/campers,kayaking/camping or cars.

you never know what you might find here- may god bless your day




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